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Plant and horticulture products branding / public relations

Products: 'Double Knock Out' Rose and 'Pink Double Knock Out' Rose

Challenge: To grow national public cognizance and product sales for a major grower consortium, its brand of trademarked plant material, and the hundreds of plant programs and varieties coming under the brand’s auspices, including major launches of the ‘Double Knock Out’ Rose and ‘Pink Double Knock Out' Rose.

Strategy / Program Plan: A multilateral annual campaign to A.) Unify the consortium’s grower-companies through consistent brand standards; B.) Execute strategic communicative and reputation-building efforts through creative Public and Media Relations.

Results: National public (trade and consumer) awareness was achieved with numbers of circulation and impressions exceeding set goals, based upon calculation of actual reach numbers and two consecutive focus groups conducted accordingly to American Marketing Association guidelines. Brand equity increased, as evidenced by nationally published articles, product profiles, credited photos, byline articles, Q&As with key personnel, radio interviews in key Designated Market Areas, and other media coverage. Product orders for growers within the network and product turns at independent garden centers across the country were positively influenced by attained media coverage.

Additional Details: Novalis, a national consortium of well-respected perennial and woody ornamental plant growers launching the roses, came to Eberly & Collard Public Relations with a bevy of premium plant material and horticulture expertise, but also with a predominant need to communicate a diverse and intensive product / program offer to home gardeners and trade professionals.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations conceptualized, developed, and wrote a comprehensive media kit that clearly and consistently encompassed Associated Press-style narratives, photos, bylined articles, story angle planners, and other resources for the media. The objective of the kit was to fuse the varying growers, plant categories, and specific varieties to develop and manage awareness for the Plants that Work brand, at large, as well as for the hundreds of collective and individual programs within the brand’s realm.

A full team of home, garden, and design public / media relations specialists worked to interface the brand and its programs with literally hundreds of media professionals in all regions. The resulting newspaper articles, magazine features, photo spreads, blog hits, online coverage, radio and television coverage, and other forms of publicity equated to a value well beyond that which advertising alone could have supplied.

And, thanks to collaboration between our staff and client, the media kit won the Garden Writers Association’s “Media Kit of the Year” award, which has led to even more publicity and brand equity for the roses since that time.

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