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Public relations for architects / engineers / construction oversight firm

Client: Stevens & Wilkinson (Commercial Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management / Oversight, Interior Design, and Development Across Regional and National Teams / Offices)

Objective: Managing and facilitating a variety of market research studies, marketing strategy development, annual branding plans, public / media relations strategies, advertising campaigns, speaking events, social media campaigns, website design and content consultation, among other marketing projects, spanning 11 states, 42 cities, 18 offices, and dozens of projects to grow brand cognizance about one of the United States’ premier commercial interior design, architecture, engineering, and construction / development management firms among its clientele, construction owners, developers, media members, and the firm’s mainstream marketplaces.


Eberly & Collard Public Relations conceptualized and executed SWOT analysis and annual brand-based marketing plans, leading to strategic public and media relations, advertising, branding, content marketing, and social media programs, all geared toward building competitive advantages and publicity for Stevens & Wilkinson and numerous of its collaborative offices and project partners. 

A dedicated team from Eberly & Collard Public Relations designed and managed marketing plan creation and implementation to give rise to promotion for the array of services, projects, installations, and applications offered by Stevens & Wilkinson’s two offices and for multiple regions. This was done by way of monthly and ongoing branding assessments, public / media relations management and consultation relational to the firm’s trade, media and clientele.

Eberly & Collard Public Relations’ branding and publicity staff became the hub of communications and integrated marketing across the client’s multiple / regional offices, internal / external project teams, partners, and other collaborators in Georgia, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, New York, and other states. 

An integral part of the overall branding strategy involved unifying messaging, media interviews, media training, speaking events, publicity campaigns, ribbon cutting ceremonies, partner / team / investor communications, and other forms of marketing communications. Eberly & Collard Public Relations was able to streamline project planning and alliance processes across dozens of project teams, offices, states, and developments, resulting in a 96% increase in publicity as compared to the client’s prior public and media relations program. This also provided the client the luxury of no longer having to serve as the marketing communications coordinator in-house. 

The account team developed and maintained accurate trade magazine / website media lists and editor / publisher / reporter contacts spanning all applicable trade industry publication categories and applicable consumer, shelter, general interest, building / design, and other magazines / publications as well as blogs and channels of social media. Utilizing a created electronic media kit to include company, corporate and service information as well as architecture / engineering case-study materials in Associated Press style and formats, the Eberly & Collard Public Relations staff earned articles, byline feature stories and / or news placements for 100% of predetermined PR campaigns.

Submitting and communicating the AP-style electronic media kit content to members of all applicable media on an ongoing basis, multiple press release campaigns – each regarding specific corporate news, design capabilities, completed and “before and after” design / architecture projects, and building products – achieved a higher frequency of media coverage than the client had experienced in the past.

Ongoing and near-daily published content was secured through strategic and organized campaigns. Several senior PR managers led the effort to implement induvial and syndicated article campaigns to include feature stories and press releases about the firm and its accomplishments and case-studies.

Editors of highly germane newsletter publications, newspapers, business journals, digital content, and print magazines, each spanning content in the U.S. read by Stevens & Wilkinson’s developer / site / facility owner clientele and prospects, became intimately familiar with the firm and its architecture and engineering work. Attaining scheduled media an reporter interviews, media training and written articles about and for company executives, press releases, and architecture project / service profiles quickly became the norm.

Eberly & Collard PR also provisioned service support for Stevens & Wilkinson’s Speaker’s Bureau program, researching, acquiring and facilitating speaking engagements for the firm’s architect and engineer principals.

In tandem with these forms of marketing, Stevens & Wilkinson’s Facebook page and various messaging models were assessed as a group effort to include new strategic / creative content consultation. Giving rise to the union of marketing voice, tone and messaging, the PR team collaborated with the client’s marketing staff to brainstorm guidelines for social media engagement.

Unifying paid media with earned and owned media, as well as regionally focused advertising campaigns, the ECPR team also planned and implemented promotional campaigns to market architecture, engineering, design, and construction oversight services in select regions where more branding was desirable, including full ad research, ad planning, ad design / copy concept ideas, and coordination between the client and ad representatives.

All of the output was carefully managed on a daily basis, foundational upon the team's original market research and annual marketing program plan strategy. 

The client experienced augmented industry and segment marketing, increased search engine optimization for its website, and new sales interest per all intended sector-based growth as a combined direct-and-indirect result of Eberly & Collard’s annual plan and the implementation of public / media relations, advertising, social media, content, and print / digital involvement.

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