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Gardening products and tools branding / public relations

Company: A.M. Leonard, Inc.   

Challenge: To develop cognizance and recognition of the company’s brand name and select gardening / landscape products for three important segments, including professional landscape contractors / designers, professional growers and home gardeners (consumers) in various Designated Market Areas and nationally.

Strategy / Program Plan: A public and media relations program plan with heavy concentration upon submitting product information to news and information editors, publishers, and producers in terms of how their readers, listeners and viewers could use the products in practical and beneficial ways. A creative concept was developed by the firm to position various pruning tools in a bundled fashion, as a set. This addressed multi-use “how-to” pruning needs and, thus, enabled collective sales information to be communicated to the general consumer marketplace. Product profiles were also written and submitted with professional photography to trade editors seeking innovative products for the readers of their magazines, the same key audience / customer members important to A.M. Leonard.

In a wide-range and fairly short-term effort,Eberly & Collard Public Relations crafted press materials in conjunction with the three audience groups and their preferred media outlets. Additionally, the information was submitted to newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and local / regional television affiliates. While the press materials were being submitted to the aforesaid media, the firm wrote two bylined articles to include the products and their benefits, one about home and garden trends and the other regarding fall season home maintenance tips. Both articles positioned the products as “must-have” items and were syndicated from coast to coast.  

Results:Media coverage was produced in 126 articles in newspaper and magazine print, and online. This included publicity for the company and products in market areas of importance, including media coverage in cities such as Anaheim, Dallas, Kansas City, Ashville, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Louisville, New York, Detroit, Orlando, Cincinnati, Miami, and Pittsburg, just to name a few.

Accompanying regionalized newspaper placements spanning the United States and parts of Canada, Eberly & Collard Public Relations resulted with over 54 local television affiliates covering the products as part of their online product and “how-to” content. Some noteworthy ones for mention were KFOX Fairbanks 7, News 4 Jacksonville, KNBC Los Angeles 4, KSBW Santa Cruz 8, NBC San Diego, WGCL 46 Atlanta, KETV 7 Omaha, KITV Honolulu, WMUR TV 9 New Hampshire, Indy Channel 6 News, Click 2 Houston, and many others.

The resulting media coverage stemming from the implemented program led to the introduction of product information and benefits to the three predetermined marketplaces, and in quantified circulation / impressions numbers exceeding slated expectations.

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