Case-study -

Creative, collateral, graphic design, and advertising campaigns

Clients: Various examples

Objective: Design and produce innovative, attention-grabbing and brand-building artwork via digital and print formats, in creative and imaginative ways, and to be synergistically paired with well-written copywriting that communicates important information about our clients.

Results: Eberly & Collard Public Relations conceptualizes and creates graphically designed content and artwork spanning the gamut of integrated marketing- including advertisements, websites, whitepapers with photo layouts, newsletters, brochures, logos, corporate identity materials, post cards, business cards, letterhead, event and tradeshow signage, Point-of-Purchase displays, product catalogs, corporate and product videos, Video News Releases, and just about any form of creative communication from which clients can benefit their brands.

Gaining interest and sales from target audiences across key sectors involves both publicity and promotion. From where, when and how to implement advertising to designing a brand-based range of photography, collateral and company imagery, Eberly & Collard Public Relations has assisted clients with regional, national and international creative campaigns for nearly 15 years.

Take a gander at this handful of creative and collateral examples, some of which were components of big picture advertising or major product launch programs. Others viewable in this case-study our team maximized for clients by promoting artwork through carefully researched ad placements, to achieve visibility at events, for communicating crucial messages through graphics and ad copy, or co-marketing brands by way of posting creative on social media.  

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