Case-study -

Launch of hardware and lawn / landscape tools to national trade and consumer markets

Client: ErgoDig  

Product: A national product line of ergonomically designed hardware and tools.

Objective: Design, develop and implement a strategic product launch to introduce a collection of high-end ergonomic hardware and lawn / landscape tools to major hardware retailers, garden center buyers, landscape contractors, and the national mainstream marketplace.

Results: When the owners and investors of ErgoDig decided it was time to launch the company’s branded collection of ergonomically designed tools, including shovels, rakes, forks, hoes, brooms, scrappers, deck tools, garden stakes, garden gloves, and a leaf bagger, they knew they needed the help of a marketing and public relations firm with an unequivocal specialization within the Hardware and Homeware Industry as well as the Lawn and Landscape Industry. Being referred to Eberly & Collard Public Relations, they contacted the firm for a full-scope approach to product launch.

Knowing full-well there was a short lead time for marketing development prior to the industries’ upcoming annual primary trade shows, ECPR conducted a series of client interviews, planning sessions, competitive intelligence studies, and market research in an expedited manner. The findings from these research models uncovered key information about marketing challenges facing ErgoDig as well as generated a complete product launch and marketing plan to make an impact at and during the year’s National Hardware Show.

The team set to work developing photo shoot plans, media kit, press campaigns, creative ad concepts, designed product displays, and productive sponsorship programs to serve as the initial groundwork for the product launch at the trade show, all of which were conceptualized and utilized foundationally for post-show and continuing hardware and lawn / landscape product launch efforts nationwide.

Tapping into the firm’s network of Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer media, editor, reporter, and television / radio producer contacts, the Eberly & Collard team secured nearly back-to-back media and press interviews for ErogDig’s CEO. The preliminary attained press coverage focused upon hardware retailing magazines, lawn and landscape trades, garden center publications, general contractor trade journals, and other trade media outlets. Following this, ECPR concentrated media relations toward select, essential and highly applicable consumer media outlets.

Press coverage was complemented by judiciously researched and negotiated advertising, graphically designed product displays for use at trade shows and retailer / dealer Point-of-Purchase or Point-of-Sale, and digital content marketing under the auspices of building SEO.

A bevy of articles, product features, “Best of Show” editorial placements, and aired radio and television interviews featuring ErogDig’s products and CEO quickly were obtained and executed. ECPR secured trade show interviews for ErgoDig with several on-air media outlets, such as the DIY Network, HGTV, Home Channel, and others. The DIY Network aired one of the pre-filmed segments on national television the following Thanksgiving Day. Based upon planning and collaboration with Eberly & Collard Public Relations, the network re-aired the program 10 additional times during the next calendar year.

 As a result, ErgoDig’s product line became known to kay hardware retailing and garden center buying executives, leading to having the retailers pick-up the product line for their national inventories. Alongside the trade marketing, hundreds of millions of consumer and homeowner impressions for the product line were acquired by the campaigns and their strategic product and brand messaging content established by Eberly & Collard Public Relations.

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