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Luxury brand marketing, public relations for specialized services, planning and marketing events, and positioning clients as industry experts

Always putting the spotlight on our clients, these varied examples showcase a small selection of mini-case-studies regarding how we generated awareness and brand equity for a few of our clients' luxury products, specialized services and unique capabilities. 

Eberly & Collard Public Relations is known for serving as an ongoing resource for members of the media and clients of our firm. Being a trusted and expert liaison to the media for our clients involves years of media relations and connections with editors, publishers, producers, bloggers, and others throughout B-to-B and B-to-C media outlets.

It is the amalgamation of experience and passion on the part of our team that has led to many solid relationships between our firm and members of the print, online and on-air media. Ultimately, this enables our firm’s media relations specialists to serve as contributing writers for hundreds of publications each year, featuring our clients, their products and services, business news, and the trends and capabilities for which they quickly become renowned.

It also means we source products for editors’ furniture features, “before and after” renovation articles, and design photo shoots as well as for television network producers’ home, garden and design shows or segments. When clients desire to engage more palpably with thier industries or the public, our staff also secures, plans and markets speaking opportunities, media tours, expos, and other events for them. 

All of this perpetuates in a series of media and product placements for our clients that promotes them as industry experts and publicizes their products or services, positioning them within applicable professional spaces and sectors to reach their target audiences and customers. While only a handful of thousands, the following are examples with corresponding digital files to the left.

Forbes magazine – With collaboration from members of our team, we secured a full feature story in the widely read Forbes magazine for our client, a co-owner of Terra Nova Nurseries and one of the country's top horticulturist authorities, authors and speakers. The story editorialized his expert scientific breeding background and the specialized work, position and proficiencies of his company. The content generated augmented Google searches for his company's website and helped to further position him as an industry thought-leader.

Architectural Digest magazine / New York Times – Members of our public and media relations team worked in tandem with the show planners of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, which was co-sponsored by the New York Times, to create exposure for the show and its prestigious exhibitors including manufacturers and designers in the fields of interior furniture, collectors’ art, lighting design, accessories, fabric / textiles, kitchen design / cabinetry, and other specializations. Our focus involved a sequence of product Sneak Peeks and show event news narratives and releases with a baseline of blogging and social media, which led to submissions of the content to our media contacts and resulted in more than 30 exhibitors’ products being publicized online and in print. 

Cottage & Bungalows magazine – With a goal of bringing mass attention to our client’s architecture firm and the firm’s Rizzoli-published book featuring their residential design-architecture projects and communities with historic precedent, we conceptualized, researched, and managed a full public / media relations program and national book and speaker tour. Consistent press release campaigns, media relations and event news resulted in key events thourghout strategic designated market areas and voluminous media placements such as with the editors of this top national design / shelter magazine.

Martha Stewart Weddings magazine – Putting our clients’ products in front of editors and reporters who publish content read by millions of magazine and newspaper readers is part of how we create exposure for them amid their significant customer or client constituencies. Through media tours and press kits, we present our clients’ consumer products to more than 250 publication staffs each year, like for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings. This achieves product placements, product mentions and multiple topic features both in print and online that yield wide-reaching messaging power for clients, such as for the 'Celesta' Aster promoted for use in the garden, vases and bouquets.

DWELL magazine – Having represented possibly more luxury furniture and accessory companies than any other firm in the nation, we specialize in developing a fan-based following for our clients’ furniture lines / brands and collection launches. For some clients, we activate public brand cognizance for their manufacturing know-how or vast retail inventories. For Ligne Roset, we’ve done both as the example to the left will attest.

For the full story about these case-studies or to request case-studies in areas specific to your field, reach us through our Contact Us page.

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