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Quantifiable public relations, discounted advertising, & media connections...

Quantifiable Public Relations…

Eberly & Collard Public Relations is known for its customized public and media relations program assessment model for clients with audience members and sales goals spanning trade professionals and / or consumers (homeowners). As an example, the following information and the first digital file to the left provide close insight regarding the quantifiable publicity results attained by our firm for a client with both target audiences. 

  • Term: One year
  • Results: Increased impressions and value by close to 50% over previous year
  • Explanations:
    • Number of Impressions = “Information-sharing opportunities” via the media that resulted with qualified and quantified marketplace audience members becoming exposed to the brand and its product lines. This was achieved through published news, articles, product profiles with photos, and radio / television air time spanning the various listed types of media.
    • Ad Dollar Value Equivalencies = This column offers a close look at the “would-be cost of advertising space” as a comparison to the amount of media coverage space achieved for the client. In short, to purchase the same amount of traditional ad space in newspapers, magazines, online, blogs, books, etc. to equal the attained publicity / media coverage space, the cost would exceed $5,000,000. The same space can be provided at (estimated) 78.6 times less cost through publicity.
    • Brand and Publicity Value = Because publicity is “media-endorsed” and offers an exponentially higher level of “garnered trust” on the part of the audience, final values are determined by using multipliers of between 4 and 10 (based upon the level and type of media pertaining to each coverage opportunity). This is a common valuation practice written about by the Public Relations Society of America. Thus, in this example, Eberly & Collard Public Relations provided over $40,000,000 of valued publicity coverage.

Discounted Advertising…

The advertising campaigns Eberly & Collard Public Relations develops for clients are typically at hugely discounted rates. This is because we have years of ad-buying power behind every new ad purchase we make for clients. When we obtain an agency discount from the media for print space, online banner or tower ads or radio / television air time, we almost always pass along our total agency discount to clients. As a supplement, it is our promise to clients we will also glean other ad-buy savings and / or value-added bonus space or air time, for new ad contracts we manage.

The second digital file to the left showcases three advertising case-studies we planned and implemented for clients. Their companies’ names have been kept confidential, since we treat advertising budgets as proprietary information. In viewing the case-studies in this chart, it is clear we saved our clients close to 50% of the costs they would have paid for the same advertising, were they to have planned the ad campaigns on their own.

Media Connections…

To gain a better understanding of the many varied media, radio, television and social media outlets to which we submit clients’ media kit information, take a look at the third, forth and fifth digital files to the left. These are select samplings.

We interface with all manner of media to produce opportunities for our clients to have their products, services or design projects featured not just in print, but also on television ad through social networks. And, many of our clients are interviewed on radio programs each year as part of our accomplished publicity for them. In a strong effort to maintain our clients’ social media presences, we additionally develop active blogs, online forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, and other brand-conversation threads for and with them, helping them learn along the way how to participate in these all-important online interfacings and dialogs. 

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